What is your return policy?

While we gladly accept returns of unused products in their original, undamaged packaging, it is the responsibility of the customer to cover the return shipping costs. The return must be initiated within 7 days of receiving the product by contacting us at hello@northandnova.ca (subject line 'RETURN REQUEST'). We will provide you further instructions by email at the time.

We do not allow exchanges at the moment. You would be required to return the original item and re-purchase separately. 

Do you offer local pickup?

We do not offer local pick-up as an option for purchases. All orders are shipped directly to the customer's provided address. We strive to ensure a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience by delivering the items right to your doorstep.

What happens if I receive a damaged product?

Bummer! Please contact us within 48 hours of receiving your damaged order at hello@northandnova.ca (subject line 'DAMAGED ORDER')

We'll do our best to assess the situation and address the issue accordingly.

Where is your product made?

Our product is designed in Ottawa, Canada, and manufactured in Ningbo, China. We work with a trusted supplier to provide you safe, and high quality items we stand by.

The products are then stored and shipped out from our storage facilities in Montreal, Quebec or Ottawa, Ontario.

What is the weight limit for your products?

Our hollow Rocker arches are recommended for weight loads below 30kg and our hollow Climber cube is recommended for weight loads below 25kg. While they can tolerate more weight, we don't advise repetitive, prolonged use of these structures under significantly higher weight loads than the recommended amount.

Non hollow shapes can tolerate significantly more weight.

Why is the foam in my Climber cube in 2 pieces?

The cube of the Climber is made up of 2 symmetrical pieces of foam. They are by design, not glued together and are allowed to shift a little against each other to have some give.

This is done for manufacturing purposes and allows easier removal of the cover should it need to be removed for any reason.

How do I care for the vegan leather?

Our vegan leather is water resistant. For maintenance you can clean the surface with a damp cloth or use a mild dish soap solution if needed. Make sure to fully dry each individual piece before re-assembling.

Micro wrinkles in the leather can be lessened with controlled heat. Placing a steaming hot towel pressed on the leather can decrease the appearance of some wrinkles. High heat sources can melt the vegan leather so use heat at your discretion.

More Questions?